New Signature Event

Peoria, AZ | Client: City of Peoria

New Signature

Peoria, AZ | Client: City of Peoria

Case Study


The City of Peoria’s Special Events department currently organizes and partners with others to provide various events throughout the year for local residents (in addition to hosting the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners’ spring training complex), but the city was interested in a larger, more unique “signature” event that will attract visitors (up to 25,000 total attendees, on one day or over multiple days). To help make this goal a reality, the city hired Stone Planning and The Rooney Sports and Entertainment Group to study and identify new opportunities.


Our work included an analysis of local market characteristics, climate and seasonality of tourism, the festival/events industry in the broader Phoenix area, interviews with local and industry stakeholders, analysis of case-study events in other markets, site analysis, and identification of multiple event concepts. For the identified potential events, we forecasted implications to the city, such as revenues, expenses, economic impacts, and any recommended partnerships with the private sector.

Based on our analyses and the city’s goals, we focused on two specific types of events: a music-based festival and, to take advantage of the city’s lake, a boat race. For both potential events, we identified optimal timing and sites, recommended partnerships with private/non-profit partners, and provided five-year forecasts of operations and economic impacts. We also initiated relationships between the city and its potential partners.