VOA Athletic Complex Sports Park

West Chester, OH | Client: MetroParks of Butler County

VOA Athletic Complex Sports Park

West Chester, OH

Client: MetroParks of Butler County

Case Study


MetroParks of Butler County was considering the development of a multipurpose outdoor sports complex in order to host local events from its growing community as well as regional and national tournaments. David Stone was hired by MetroParks to provide a feasibility and economic impact study for the planned Athletic Complex within the 435-acre Voice of America Park that would have up to 24 outdoor multipurpose fields, four softball fields, and five baseball fields.


The study analyzed the characteristics of the local market, the market for the potential facilities and fields, and the characteristics of comparable facilities, and we performed surveys of and interviews with local and statewide stakeholders.

Based on the market analyses, we provided recommendations regarding alterations to the original development plan (focusing on the multipurpose fields), and then forecasted the complex’s future use, operating revenues and expenses, and economic and fiscal impacts. We also explored opportunities for potential funding sources and other non-operating revenues, and recommended the optimal ownership and management structure for MetroParks. Following completion of the original study, David provided updated operating forecasts to support a bank loan for a phased development plan based on available funding. The success of the first phase has led to additions including the UC Health West Chester Hospital Fieldhouse, new field lights, and the replacement of two grass fields with turf, in order to further expand usage and meet demand.