Stone Planning Hired by City of Peoria, Arizona to Study “Signature Event” Opportunities

Stone Planning and The Rooney Sports and Entertainment Group have been hired by the City of Peoria (AZ) to analyze and identify opportunities for a new “signature event” in the city, with a goal of attracting at least 25,000 people in 2020. The event could feature music, arts, food, culture, and/or other elements. Our study will include an analysis of the local/regional market (such as population, geography, access, climate, tourism, and other characteristics), an analysis of the festival industry including current festivals and major events in the Peoria/Phoenix area, case studies of events in similar markets, identification of potential promoters, and analysis of potential sites and their ability to accommodate an event. Based on our recommendations and identification of potential event concepts and a feasible site, we will then project its future revenues, expenses, and economic impacts to the city.